Spring Summer CA 2017 Page 324 Janitorial

324 Order by 6 p.m. for Same Day Shipping PHONE 1-800-295-5510 ICE MELT Won't harm grass, plants or carpets. Melts ice up to -26C (-16F). Use with our H-2813 Spreader. Reusable Pail - Easy to store and transport. Ready to use at any door. FREE H-879 Scoop with $100+ order of S-7125 50 lb. bags. ACCESSORIES ICE MELT SPREADER Spread ice melt, sand or rock salt with no clogging. Rustproof plastic hopper holds up to 65 lbs. SNOW SHOVELS HEAVY-DUTY SHOVELS Deep scoop easily picks up absorbents, bulk grains and seeds. Virtually unbreakable. Takes a beating. Easy-grip D handle provides control. Withstands temperatures from -30 to 80C (-22 to 176F). For more information, see uline.ca SPECIFY COLOR: Orange Red Blue Green White Yellow Black Push aside snow and slush to keep walks and entryways clear. Poly Shovel - Snow and ice slide off this tough blade. Aluminum Pusher - Cuts through wet, slushy snow. H-1655 H-1656 INDUSTRIAL PUSH SWEEPER Sweep bulky trash in warehouses and parking lots. Clean up to 25,000 square feet in an hour. Rotating broom pushes debris into cleaning path, main broom sweeps it into hopper. Durable plastic construction with aluminum frame. 11" wheels. MAGNETIC SWEEPER Nails, tacks and metal shavings cling to powerful magnets. Cleans up metal debris from warehouse floors, loading docks and parking lots. Lever raises magnet to release debris. 1 1 /2" lift height. 6" rubber wheels. 150 lb. pull capacity. FDA COMPLIANT MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ SKID PRICE EACH SKID LOTS 1 3+ S-7125 Ice Melt 50 lb. Bag 50 $25 $24 $22 S-14954 40 lb. Pail 36 29 28 25 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE EACH 1 3+ H-879 Scoop 2 Qt. $8.00 $6.00 H-1468 Pail Opener $10.25 each MODEL NO. HOPPER DIMENSIONS H x W x D WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH H-2813 12 x 20 x 16" 15 $173 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION OVERALL LENGTH BLADE SIZE WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH 1 3+ H-1655 Poly Blade 51" 20 x 13" 7 $39 $37 H-1656 Alum. Blade 57" 24 x 12" 10 72 70 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION OVERALL LENGTH BLADE SIZE WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH 1 3 6+ H-5043 Remco Shovel 42" 14 x 17" 4 $72 $69 $65 MODEL NO. DIMENSIONS L x W x H SWEEPING WIDTH PRICE EACH 1 2+ H-2617 30 x 10 x 38" 24" $253 $240 MODEL NO. DIMENSIONS L x W x H SWEEPING WIDTH HOPPER CAP. PRICE EACH 1 2+ H-2760 41 x 29 x 48" 26" 9 lbs. $786 $761

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