Spring Summer CA 2017 Page 299 Labels

9 Shipping Supply Specialists PHONE 1-800-295-5510 299 4-DIGIT PLACARDS Recommended for frequently transported hazardous materials by truck, rail or aircraft. Placard includes 4-digit UN #, hazard class graphic and corresponding class number. Additional 4-Digit Placards, see uline.ca S-14650 S-14673 S-14674 S-13924 S-14672 S-11793 S-11794 S-14659 S-13918 S-13927 S-13911 S-13923 S-13922 S-13914 H-415 T.D.G. TRUCK PLACARDS Recommended for easy identification of hazardous loads. Flexible tagboard or strong, removable adhesive-backed vinyl. WHMIS LABELS When hazardous materials are used, these labels are required. S-17538 S-17537 S-17536 Generate labels on any laser or inkjet printer. Easy to format Microsoft Word single and double column templates available, see uline.ca Matte finish paper with heat- resistant adhesive. MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION S-13917 Spont. Combustible S-13918 Oxidizing Substance 5.1 S-13919 Organic Peroxide 5.2 S-14659 Organic Peroxide 5.2 S-13920 Toxic S-13921 Radioactive S-13922 Corrosive S-13927 Misc. Dangerous Goods S-13923 Danger MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION S-20800 Explosives 1.4 S S-13910 Flammable Gas S-13911 Non-Flammable Gas S-13912 Toxic Gases S-13913 Oxidizing Gases 2 S-13914 Flammable Liquids S-13915 Water Reactive Substance S-13916 Flammable Solid MODEL NO. MATERIAL DESCRIPTION HAZARD CLASS UN # S-14648 Adhesives Flammable Liquid 1133 S-14649 Ethyl Alcohol; Ethanol; Ethanol Solution Flammable Liquid 1170 S-14650 Gasoline Flammable Liquid 1203 S-11793 Paint Flammable Liquid 1263 S-14651 Petroleum Distillates, N.O.S. Flammable Liquid 1268 S-14652 Resin Solution Flammable Liquid 1866 S-11794 Flammable Liquid, N.O.S. Fuel Oil Flammable Liquid 1993 S-13924 Corrosive Liquid, N.O.S. Corrosive 1760 S-14671 Sodium Hydroxide Solution Corrosive 1824 S-14672 Corrosive Liquid, Acidic, Inorganic, N.O.S. Corrosive 3264 S-14673 Corrosive Liquid, Acidic, Organic, N.O.S. Corrosive 3265 S-19569 Corrosive Liquid, Basic, Inorganic, N.O.S. Corrosive 3266 S-14674 Env. Hazardous Substances, Solid, N.O.S. Misc. Dangerous Goods 3077 S-14675 Env. Hazardous Substances, Liquid, N.O.S. Misc. Dangerous Goods 3082 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE PER 100 1 2+ Add "T" to model no. Poly-coated Tagboard 10 3 /4 x 10 3 /4" $52 $47 Add "V" to model no. Adhesive-backed Vinyl 80 75 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE PER 100 1 2+ Add "T" to model no. Poly-coated Tagboard 10 3 /4 x 10 3 /4" $52 $47 Add "V" to model no. Adhesive-backed Vinyl 80 75 H-415 Tagboard Holder $21 each MODEL NO. SIZE W x H LABELS/ SHEET LABELS/ BOX PRICE PER CARTON 1 2 6+ S-17538 8 1 /2 x 11" 1 100 $47 $44 $41 S-17537 8 1 /2 x 5 1 /2" 2 200 S-17536 4 1 /4 x 5 1 /2" 4 400

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