Fall Winter CA 2016 Page 659 Warehouse Supplies

Shipping Supply Specialists PHONE 1-800-295-5510 659 SHIPPING INDICATORS NON-RESETTABLE RESETTABLE Indicates shock damage at a glance. Best seller: 25G range for most electronic equipment, glassware, etc. Attach self-stick detector to product or package exterior. Included warning labels affix to package and bill of lading. Indicator is easy to reset with the push of a pin. Perfect for packages frequently shipped back and forth. DROP (N) TELL SHOCKWATCH NON-RESETTABLE Label indicates possible damage during shipping. Vial turns red to show impact. Activates automatically when dropped. Large 3 3 /4 x 3 3 /4" size alerts handlers and is a permanent record of rough handling. COMPANION LABEL Alerts handlers to proper procedures to receive damaged shipments. TIP-N-TELL Shows when packages tip in transit. Possible damage indicated when blue beads break through to top. Pull pin to activate. Receiver's warning label included. TILTWATCH XTR Monitor shipments that must remain upright. Activates at 80 tilt. Indicator turns from white to red if package has been tilted. Consecutively numbered. Companion label alerts handlers to proper procedures to receive damaged shipments. NON-RESETTABLE RESETTABLE *SHIPS VIA TRUCK S-5158 S-6690 S-8020 S-5159 S-5160 S-6691 MODEL NO. RANGE RECOMMENDED USE PRICE PER CTN. OF 25 1 2 5+ S-2852 5G Heavy Products $128 $125 $123 S-1471 10G Sturdy Electronic Equipment S-2853 15G Electronic Equipment S-867 25G Fragile Items S-1472 50G Sensitive/Fragile Items S-1473 100G Very Sensitive MODEL NO. DESC. RANGE QTY./ BOX RECOMMENDED USE PRICE PER BOX 1 2 4+ S-6690* Yellow 25G 50 Heavy Products $188 any qty. S-8020* Purple 37G Furniture S-5158 Red 50G Electronic Equip. S-5159 Orange 75G Sturdy Electronics S-5160 Green 100G Sensitive Electronics S-6691 Companion Label 200/Roll $86 MODEL NO. RANGE RECOMMENDED USE PRICE PER CTN. OF 25 1 2 5+ S-8021 5G Heavy Products $138 $134 $129 S-8022 10G Sturdy Electronic Equipment S-8023 15G Electronic Equipment S-8024 25G Fragile Items S-8025 50G Sensitive/Fragile Items S-8026 100G Very Sensitive MODEL NO. QTY./ CTN. PRICE PER CARTON 1 2 3 5 10+ S-866 100 $177 $174 $170 $165 $163 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE PER CARTON OF 100 1 2 5 10+ S-5571 TiltWatch XTR $174 $170 $163 $159 S-7932 Companion Label 200/Roll $89

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