Fall Winter CA 2016 Page 594 Anti-Static

594 Order by 6 p.m. for Same Day Shipping PHONE 1-800-295-5510 CLEANROOM GLOVES ESD FINGER COTS ESD NYLON GLOVES Protect sensitive electronics during assembly and inspection. Seamless nylon and conductive carbon knit. Protection up to 10 8 ohms. Reusable. Machine washable. ESD LAB JACKET Protects against static transfer in labs and on assembly lines. Comfortable carbon-suffused polyester. Chest pocket, 2 side pockets, snap front and wrists. Protection up to 10 9 ohms even after 50 washings. CONDUCTIVE SHOE COVERS Keep workspaces free of static buildup, dust and dirt. Place 20" conductive strip inside shoe under heel. Polypropylene. Non-skid bottom. CLEANROOM WIPES Clean tabletops and equipment with presaturated polyester wipes. Saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water. Resealable packs keep wipes fresh. NITRILE Prevent contamination in cleanroom environments. Powder-free, latex-free. Anti-static protection. 12" long. Beaded cuff and textured surface. STERILE NITRILE Use sterilized gloves in medical device manufacturing. Gamma irradiated. Powder-free, latex-free. Anti-static. 12" long. Beaded cuff. Excellent fingertip dexterity. Powder-free latex. Pink - Protection for Class II static-sensitive devices. Black - Wider range of protection, Class I and Class II devices. CLASS 100 CERTIFIED CLASS 100 CERTIFIED CLASS 100 CERTIFIED NITRILE STERILE NITRILE MEETS ANSI/ESD S20.20 AND STM2.1-2013 CLASS 100 CLEANROOM WIPES Clean delicate lab equipment with soft polyester fabric wipes. Use dry or with cleaning solution. Extremely low lint. Absorbent and nonabrasive. Use in ISO class 5 or higher cleanrooms. CLEANROOM COMPATIBLE PRESATURATED MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION MIL SIZE GLOVES/ BAG PRICE/BAG (MIN. 2) 2 10+ S-20204 Powder-Free 5 S, M, L, XL 100 $85 $80 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION MIL SIZE GLOVES/ BAG PRICE/BAG (MIN. 2) 2 10+ S-13046 Powder-Free 6 S, M, L, XL 100 $25 $24 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION MIL SIZE QTY./ BAG PRICE/BAG (MIN. 2) 2 10+ S-14146 Pink Anti-Static 3 S, M, L, XL 720 $35 $31 S-14147 Black Conductive 55 49 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ PACK PRICE PER PACK 1 3+ S-15356 Uncoated S, M, L, XL 12 Pair $35 $32 S-15357 Fingertip Coated 42 39 S-15358 Palm Coated 45 41 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE COLOR PRICE EACH 1 5+ S-20207 ESD Jacket S, M, L, XL Blue $52 $48 MODEL NO. SHEET SIZE SHEETS/ BAG PRICE PER BAG 1 5 10+ S-18512 9 x 9" 150 $50 $49 $48 MODEL NO. SHEET SIZE SHEETS/ PACK PRICE PER PACK 1 5 10+ S-20209 9 x 9" 30 $26 $25 $24 MODEL NO. SIZE COLOR PAIRS/ CTN. PRICE PER CARTON 1 2+ S-20208 6-11 Blue 150 $87 $82

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