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Shipping Supply Specialists PHONE 1-800-295-5510 585 3M FIT TESTS Meets OSHA's testing requirements for respirator performance. Reliable pass/fail results for 200 tests. For use with 3M 5000, 6000, 7000 and 3M Ultimate FX respirators. CLEANING WIPES 3M REUSABLE RESPIRATORS 3M 6000 Breathe clearly when grinding, welding or painting. Lightweight, comfortable. Full-Face - Exhale valve provides cool, long-wearing comfort. Excellent visibility. Soft cushioned face seal. 3M 6000 FULL-FACE 3M 6000 3M ULTIMATE FX FF-400 Lightweight comfort and protection from industrial paints, stains and chemicals. Soft silicone seal and 6-point elastic harness provide a premium fit. Scotchgard coated wide-view lens. Excellent visibility and easy cleanup. 3M FF-400 FULL-FACE 3M ULTIMATE FX FF-400 3M 7000 Total protection in chemical and biohazard environments. Durable silicone seal for all-day wear. Half-Face - Exhale valve for fog-free work. Full-Face - Clear communication with speaking diaphragm. 3M 7000 3M 7000 FULL-FACE 3M 6500 HALF-FACE RESPIRATOR Protects in extreme conditions for demolition and sanding. Silicone face seal provides comfort. Cool Flow valve reduces heat and moisture for easier breathing. 3M 6500 HALF-FACE Clean reusable respirators between uses. Wipe away dust, dirt and sweat. Alcohol-free wipes won't damage masks. Pre-moistened. Individually packaged. Safely cleans other reusable personal protective equipment. MODEL NO. 3M NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ BOX PRICE EACH 1 4+ H-4726 FF-401 Full-Face Small 1 $306 $287 H-4727 FF-402 Medium H-4728 FF-403 Large MODEL NO. 3M NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ BOX PRICE EACH 1 6+ H-4986 3M 6502 Half-Face Medium 1 $31 $30 H-4987 3M 6503 Large MODEL NO. 3M NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE EACH 1 2+ S-20378 3M FT-10 Fit Test Sweet $436 $411 S-20379 3M FT-30 Fit Test Bitter MODEL NO. 3M NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ BOX PRICE EACH 1 6+ H-2802 3M 6100 Half-Face Small 1 $19 $18 H-1081 3M 6200 Medium H-1111 3M 6300 Large H-2803 3M 6700 Full-Face Small 1 202 188 H-1471 3M 6800 Medium H-1472 3M 6900 Large MODEL NO. 3M NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ BOX PRICE EACH 1 6+ H-3392 3M 7501 Half-Face Small 1 $42 $41 H-3393 3M 7502 Medium H-3394 3M 7503 Large H-3395 3M 7800S-S Full-Face Small 1 539 514 H-3396 3M 7800S-M Medium H-3397 3M 7800S-L Large MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ BOX PRICE PER BOX 1 5+ S-21592 Uline 8 x 11" 100 $37 $34 S-19288 3M 504 8 x 10" 74 69

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