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Shipping Supply Specialists PHONE 1-800-295-5510 539 ANSELL PAWGARD Chop meats, fruits and vegetables. Meets FDA standards for food contact. Comfortable, lightweight uncoated Dyneema . Extended cuffs protect wrist. STEEL MESH GLOVE Butcher the chicken, not your hand. Steel-ring glove provides ultimate cut and slash protection. Stainless steel resists fats and oils. Easy to clean. Ambidextrous. FDA COMPLIANT GRIP-N HOT MILL GLOVES Reliable hand protection while working with hot metals. For intermittent heat contact up to 204C. Nitrile coating gives excellent grip. Heat Resistant Gloves, see uline.ca Breathable poly/cotton. Seamless, 2-layer knit. FOOD SERVICE GLOVES VINYL Wide range of applications in janitorial and food service. Provides excellent manual dexterity. Blue aids contamination control. Green provides snag resistance. FDA COMPLIANT POLY For light-duty food applications such as sandwich making. Poly Glove - Embossed for easy grip. Shoulder Length Glove - Maximum coverage. Elastic band holds sleeve up. 35" long. Sleeve - Polyethylene with elastic at both ends. 18" long. MIN. 2 *PLEASE SPECIFY COLOR: Clear or Blue FDA COMPLIANT SHOULDER LENGTH POLY SLEEVE POLY GLOVE MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION MIL SIZE QTY./ CTN. PRICE PER CARTON 2 5+ S-7895 Clear Poly Gloves 1 One Size 500 $10 $7 S-20329 Clear Shoulder Length 1.25 100 21 19 S-11430 White Poly Sleeve 1 One Size 2,000 $119 ea. / 2+ $112 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE QTY./ CTN. PRICE PER PAIR (MIN. 3 PAIRS) 3 12 24+ S-19220 Hot Mill One Size 12 Pair $9.00 $8.50 $8.00 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION ANSI CUT LEVEL SIZE PRICE PER GLOVE 1 2 3+ S-18009 Steel Mesh 5 M, L, XL $149 $143 $138 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION ANSI CUT LEVEL SIZE PRICE PER GLOVE 1 3 6+ S-19247 Light Weight 4 M, L, XL $25 $24 $23 S-19248 Medium Weight 5 26 25 24 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION MIL COLOR SIZE QTY./ CTN. PRICE PER CARTON 2 10+ S-15388 Powdered 3 Clear S, M, L, XL 100 $8 $5 S-15389 Powder-Free S-15390* Powdered 5 Clear or Blue S, M, L, XL 100 10 8 S-15392* Powder-Free S-15395 Powdered 6.5 Green S, M, L, XL 100 14 12

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