Fall Winter CA 2016 Page 524 Warehouse Supplies

NO FIREARMS ALLOWED ON PREMISES CELLULAR PHONES PROHIBITED KEEP THIS DOOR CLOSED SAFETY SHOES REQUIRED IN THIS AREA WATCH YOUR STEP CAUTION THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED DURING BUSINESS HOURS NO DUMPING DESIGNATED SMOKING AREA SAFETY FIRST CONFINED SPACE RECEIVING SHIPPING AND RECEIVING CUSTOMER PICK-UP 524 Order by 6 p.m. for Same Day Shipping PHONE 1-800-295-5510 WORKPLACE SIGNS Keep your workplace safe, clean and organized. Vinyl - Tough 4 mil flexible vinyl with adhesive backing. Plastic - Sturdy .055"-thick HDPE. Pre-drilled mounting holes and 4 strips of double-sided mounting tape. Aluminum - Corrosion resistant with engineer-grade reflective enamel finish. Pre-drilled mounting holes. *Size only available for S-14801 S-16453 S-14796 S-15593 S-9960 S-19207 S-16156 S-19208 RIGHT S-19209 LEFT S-9959 S-14801* S-19210 S-16152 S-16153 S-16154 S-9963 S-17342 S-18795 S-19211 S-14799 S-14797 S-17346 S-17347 S-9962 S-19212 S-19213 S-9961 S-17345 S-16452 S-18792 S-19214 S-19215 S-16451 S-17343 S-18794 S-18791 S-18796 S-18793 S-17344 MATERIAL SIZE H x W USE PRICE EACH 1 3 5+ Adhesive Vinyl 7 x 10" Indoor Light Duty $14 $12 $10 18 x 4"* Plastic 7 x 10" Indoor/Outdoor Medium Duty 22 20 19 18 x 4"* Aluminum 12 x 18" Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty 36 34 32 18 x 4"* 31 29 26

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