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278 Order by 6 p.m. for Same Day Shipping PHONE 1-800-295-5510 STRAPPING CARTS INDUSTRIAL Uline's best-selling cart. Sturdy and dependable. For polypropylene, polyester or steel strapping. Fits core sizes 16 x 3" and 16 x 6". Big 10" rubber and steel wheels for easy maneuvering. Automatic brake. Large tray for storing seals and tools. DELUXE Designed for steel strapping. Heavy-duty brake keeps steel strapping from unwinding (see inset). Fits core size 16 x 3". Holds 3/8" to 1" wide strapping. HEAVY-DUTY BRAKE ECONOMY CART All-purpose cart handles core sizes 8 x 8", 16 x 3" and 16 x 6". For polypropylene or polyester strapping. Lightweight, economical. Storage tray for tools and seals. SPECIAL STEEL TOOL OFFER Order our Industrial Steel Strapping Tools and Cart together for extra savings. SAVE $122 Offer includes: Sealer*, H-242, H-41 and H-279. H-279 CART H-350, 1, 2, 3 SEALER* H-242 TENSIONER H-41 CUTTER *Specify sealer size - 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" PALLET TRUCK Easily move skids of strapping coils. Fits into narrow pallets. 3-position hand control - Raise, lower, neutral. 3" lowered and 7.5" raised height. SHIPS ASSEMBLED VIA MOTOR FREIGHT EXTRA NARROW MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SHPG. WT. PRICE EACH 1 2+ H-279 Deluxe Steel Cart 54 lbs. $340 $328 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SHPG. WT. PRICE EACH 1 2+ H-39 Uline Strapping Cart 59 lbs. $316 $304 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION FORK SIZE L x W LOAD CAPACITY WT. (LBS.) PRICE EACH 1 3+ H-4122 Short/Extra Narrow 36 x 16" 4,400 lbs. 127 $618 $579 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION SHPG. WT. PRICE EACH 1 2+ H-566 Polypropylene and Polyester 45 lbs. $292 $279 MODEL NO. INCLUDES: SHPG. WT. REG. PRICE SALE PRICE H-622 Deluxe Steel Cart with Tensioner, Sealer* and Cutter 65 lbs. $773 $651

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