Fall Winter CA 2016 Page 222 Shrink Wrap

222 Order by 6 p.m. for Same Day Shipping PHONE 1-800-295-5510 HEAT GUNS INDUSTRIAL Variable control easily adjusts heat level. 2-speed fan. ETL/C-ETL Listed. DELUXE Shrinks faster, more powerful fan. Insulated heating element lasts longer. UL/C-UL Listed. 1 YEAR WARRANTY MADE IN USA SHRINK WRAP SYSTEMS ECONOMY All you need to start shrink packaging your products. Handles 1-2 packages per minute. Use with shrink bags, tubing or film. System includes: Film Dispenser, Bar Sealer with or without cutter and H-915 Heat Gun. Service Kit includes: 2 Heating Elements, 2 PTFE Strips, 2 PTFE Covers. ECONOMY SYSTEMS CORRESPONDING SERVICE KITS FILM DISPENSER SEALER HEAT GUN INDUSTRIAL Compact, all-in-one design dispenses, seals and trims film. Handles 1-2 packages per minute. Heavy-duty steel construction. UL/C-UL Listed. System includes: Bar Sealer, 100 ft. of 75 gauge PVC Film. Optional H-915 Heat Gun. Service Kit includes: 5 PTFE Tapes, 3 PTFE Covers, 1 Sealing Wire, 1 Microswitch, 1 Reversible Silicone Pad. OPTIONAL H-915 HEAT GUN 2 YEAR WARRANTY INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS SERVICE KITS For complete info, call or click: uline.ca/shrink *Also includes 1 blade SHRINK TUNNEL Superior design is almost maintenance free. Quickly shrink-wrap packages. For packages up to 7" high and 15" wide. Use with PVC or polyolefin film. Seal with Uline Shrink Wrap Systems. MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION TEMPERATURE RANGE WEIGHT PRICE EACH H-491 Deluxe Heat Gun 260 to 400C 5 lbs. $176 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION TEMPERATURE RANGE WEIGHT PRICE EACH H-915 Industrial Heat Gun 40 to 500C 2 lbs. $73 MODEL NO. HEAT RANGE OPENING DIM. H x W PRICE EACH H-4018 50 to 177C 8 x 16" $3,425 H-2035 Leg Kit $743 each MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE EACH H-1164 12" without cutter $221 H-5106 12" with cutter 260 H-1165 20" without cutter 312 H-5107 20" with cutter 347 MODEL NO. SIZE PRICE EACH H-191 12" $29 H-294* 33 H-1042 20" 41 H-1253* 46 MODEL NO. SIZE WITHOUT GUN WITH GUN H-460 13" $394 $458 H-312 18" 460 523 H-140 24" 552 615 H-375 40" 595 658 MODEL NO. SIZE PRICE EACH H-461 13" $48 H-313 18" 56 H-141 24" 69 H-376 40" 87

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