Fall Winter CA 2016 Page 212 Shrink Wrap

212 Order by 6 p.m. for Same Day Shipping PHONE 1-800-295-5510 HEAT GUNS INDUSTRIAL Variable control easily adjusts heat level. 2-speed fan. ETL/C-ETL Listed. DELUXE Shrinks faster, more powerful fan. Insulated heating element lasts longer. UL/C-UL Listed. 1 YEAR WARRANTY MADE IN USA SHRINK TUNNEL Superior design is almost maintenance free. Quickly shrink-wrap packages. For packages up to 7" high and 15" wide. For complete info, call or click: uline.ca/shrink Use with PVC or polyolefin film. Seal with Uline Shrink Wrap Systems. *Also includes 1 blade. SHRINK WRAP SYSTEMS ECONOMY All you need to start shrink packaging your products. Handles 1-2 packages per minute. Use with shrink bags, tubing or film. System includes: Film Dispenser, Bar Sealer with or without cutter and H-915 Heat Gun. Service Kit includes: 2 Heating Elements, 2 PTFE Strips, 2 PTFE Covers. ECONOMY SYSTEMS CORRESPONDING SERVICE KITS FILM DISPENSER SEALER HEAT GUN INDUSTRIAL Compact, all-in-one design dispenses, seals and trims film. Handles 1-2 packages per minute. Heavy-duty steel construction. UL/C-UL Listed. System includes: Bar Sealer, 100 ft. of 75 gauge PVC Film. Optional H-915 Heat Gun. Service Kit includes: 5 PTFE Tapes, 3 PTFE Covers, 1 Sealing Wire, 1 Microswitch, 1 Reversible Silicone Pad. OPTIONAL H-915 HEAT GUN 2 YEAR WARRANTY INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS SERVICE KITS MODEL NO. SIZE PRICE EACH H-191 12" $27 H-294* 30 H-1042 20" 37 H-1253* 42 MODEL NO. SIZE WITHOUT GUN WITH GUN H-460 13" $384 $445 H-312 18" 448 509 H-140 24" 538 599 H-375 40" 580 642 MODEL NO. SIZE PRICE EACH H-461 13" $47 H-313 18" 55 H-141 24" 67 H-376 40" 85 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE EACH H-1164 12" without cutter $215 H-5106 12" with cutter 254 H-1165 20" without cutter 305 H-5107 20" with cutter 338 MODEL NO. HEAT RANGE OPENING DIM. H x W PRICE EACH H-4018 50 to 177C 8 x 16" $3,176 H-2035 Leg Kit $723 each MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION TEMPERATURE RANGE WEIGHT PRICE EACH H-915 Industrial Heat Gun 40 to 500C 2 lbs. $71 MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION TEMPERATURE RANGE WEIGHT PRICE EACH H-491 Deluxe Heat Gun 260 to 400C 5 lbs. $171

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